Sean Henry

President & Chief Executive Officer, Nashville Predators/Bridgestone Arena

In 2016-17, his seventh season in Smashville, Nashville Predators and Bridgestone Arena President & Chief Executive Officer and Alternate Governor Sean Henry proudly watched the Nashville Predators and Bridgestone Arena complete their most successful season to date. Led by the passion and dedication of the greatest staff in all of sports, the franchise sold out all regular and playoff home games and the Western Conference Champion Predators made it to Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final. 

Henry was born a Nashvillian, although it took him 42 years to get here. Before leading his favorite staff in Smashville, he served for 11 years as the Executive Vice President and COO of the Tampa Bay Lightning, two years as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing with Unity Motion and 14 years with Volume Services Inc., where he worked with the Detroit Pistons, St. Louis Rams and the Washington Redskins.