Tonisha Jones

Founder & Head Trainer, GridFit

Tonisha is the founder and head trainer of GridFit, an interactive fitness studio that integrates technology and fitness; creating a fun and captivating workout experience. In this role, Tonisha oversees the strategic direction of the fitness studio and manages the day to day operations. In addition to GridFit, Tonisha works as an Information Technology Business Analyst.

Sports and fitness have always been a major part of Tonisha’s life. She participated in several sports throughout grade school and ultimately earned a full scholarship to play basketball at Belmont University. At Belmont, Tonisha was recognized as an All-American Strength and Conditioning athlete. Inspired by her athletic trainer’s drive and knowledge and her passion for fitness, Tonisha pursued and obtained a personal training certification from the National Association of Sports Medicine after graduating from Belmont.

Tonisha holds a degree in Finance from Belmont University.  Additionally, Tonisha has earned a Master’s of Business of Administration and a Master’s of Science in Information Systems from Middle Tennessee State University.