Sharin Fares

Call Center Manager, ARS/Rescue Rooter

Sharin is the call center manager at ARS/ Rescue Rooter where she oversees the customer service team. Additionally, her responsibilities include managing staffing levels to ensure call service levels are met, analyzing existing processes and implementing new ones, and gathering data and statistics to generate productivity reports used for trend analysis and forecasting.

Prior to ARS, Sharin spent 10 years at Asurion Insurance Services where she began her career as a Technical Service Representative. Sharin received numerous accolades, awards, and promotions. She excelled in areas of conflict management which lead to her first promotion, Problem Resolution Specialist.  She was responsible for handling escalated customers and complex issues and concerns. In quickly mastering this role, Sharin was promoted to Operations Supervisor. She transitioned across five different departments during her supervisor tenure and oversaw a team of 12-15 employees at any given time. In this role, she discovered her true passion for developing and mentoring others. She often references the quote "If you treat employees like they make a difference, they will," by Jim Goodnight, and equates that to her leadership success.

Educationally, Sharin is working on a degree in Business Administration. Upon completion, her ultimate goal is to make her childhood dream a reality by going to law school and eventually practicing corporate law. She believes that goal setting is an important part of growth and development and she uses SMART goals to help her stay on track to achieve her ultimate goal.

Sharin also has two daughters. She enjoys reading and journaling whenever she has spare time. Her favorite book is "Monday Morning Choices" by David Cottrell.